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The Current Issue: Vol. 47 # 3, Issue 319


·    Seminole Beadwork Techniques

              Material Culture & Crafts by M.E. (Ted) Thompson

·      Indonesian Fake Northwest Coast Style Woodcarvings

               Material Culture by Richard Green

·      Crow Cradleboards

               Photographic Essay by Jim Johnston

·      Cheyenne, Comanche, Kiowa: W.P. Bliss at Fort Sill

               Glimpses by Allen Chronister

·      REDress Special

               PowwowFashions by Craig Jones

               Photographs b Brian Fraker


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Our next issue, Vol. 47 # 4, Issue 320


·      Dakota Center Seam / Vamp Moccasins

              Material Culture by Dave Sager

·      Chochiti Drum

               Southwest Crafts by Glenn White

·     Crow Leaders 1868

               Glimpses by Allen Chronister


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From Whispering Wind Magazine

Museum Exhibitions


Text Box: A Warrior I Have Been
Plains Indian Culture in Transition
By Richard Green

Historical Photos
Material Culture, History
205 pages, full color.
Originally published at $29.95


Whispering Wind is available electronically through products and services provided by ProQuest LLC, More information can be found at www.proquest.com or call 1-800-521-0600.

WHISPERING WIND Magazine can bring to you, every other month, articles on

The crafts and material culture of the American Indian.

Peer-reviewed articles on the material culture of the American Indian

Book and Music reviews.

Old historical photographs as well as articles on tradition and material culture.

Auction Results, Museum Openings, Powwow dates and much more.


If you are interested in the American Indian and in particular the material culture of the American Indian: Past & Present,
is the magazine for you.

Since 1967 we've helped our readers bring the tradition home and help keep the tradition alive.

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Reader Comments


“Love the new issue....the New Gallery and Museum material is a nice addition. Keep up the good work.” — L.H., Jacksonville, FL.

We enjoy your magazine. Sadly American Indian Art magazine is gone. I think, in many ways, your magazine does a better and realistic job and through the coming years can serve many in the concerns of history, art and culture.R.H., Mashpee, MA.

“I am Wyandotte Indian and hand make many of our cultural items (eastern  Woodland Indians). I was so glad to find a publication that focuses on the renewal of all Native American cultures, crafts, histories, lifestyles and contemporary growth. There are still so many tribes that have not found their footing but certainly and deeply feel their heritage.”  - D.K., Miami, OK.

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful magazine. I am a bead worker and really appreciate the patterns and articles on beadwork. It is important to save this information for future generations.”—S.J., Novato, CA.

I thought I would extend a thumbs up comment to you and editors. I am a contemporary beader and outfit maker with my own business. I enjoy your magazine and articles, seeing tips and ideas. Trying to keep up with all the new trends and styles.” —J.T., Bellevue, WA.

“Received my first copy of Whispering Wind. If I had known it was that good, I would have subscribed a long time ago. The articles are very good and your advertisers will be happy with me! I haven’t seen such a great selection in any of my other magazines. Thank you for a great magazine.”  - W.P., Hillsdale, NY.