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WHISPERING WIND Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine of the material culture, crafts, art and contemporary powwow of the American Indian. WHISPERING WIND will consider for publication articles, manuscripts, biographies, reports, and reviews in keeping with its format. 

Major articles can be any length and should, if necessary to the text, include photos and/or illustrations. Illustrations can be rough – our staff artists will re-illustrate to your specifications if final illustrations cannot be furnished by the author. Fiction is usually not well received by the editorial board, however, stories, myths, legends that can be referenced, will be considered. Major articles should include an introduction, body of your work, conclusion, and bibliography. The bibliography should be on a separate page, double spaced. If applicable to the text, reference numbers should be bracketed [ ] in the text.  Footnotes should not be embedded in text; place footnotes at end of article. Email submissions preferred or on disk.
Bibliography form should follow the APA format 
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"HOW-TO” CRAFT ARTICLES describing traditional material culture, should emphasize, but not be limited to, the use of historical materials and construction techniques. Where contemporary craft materials and techniques have been used in describing construction techniques of historical material culture, historical methods and materials and the difference in results between the original and the contemporary material should be noted. Craft instructions should not include the use of illegal materials such as certain feathers and furs. Reference to their use as historical materials should be mentioned. 

Crafter'sCorner and CollectorsCorner — Submissions for these two features should be 450-600 words (1-2 pages, double spaced) and should be limited to a general description of the piece with emphasis on materials used. Illustrations may accompany submissions for these two features. Color photographs (prints) of the piece(s) should be submitted. Articles that describe manufacturing technique requiring substantial illustration, should be considered a major craft article and be submitted for consideration as such. 

PHOTOS  – Black & White or Color. Digital images preferred (300 dpi); prints accepted; any size, in duplicate. Photo descriptions should be on a separate sheet. Avoid writing on the back of the photos, except to number them. PHOTO HINT: When photographing objects, such as moccasins, pipe bags, etc., photograph the object against an uncluttered, light background. WHISPERING WIND Magazine cannot provide photography services. 

ALL WORK SHOULD BE SUBMITTED via email to or on disk. If the author cannot submit via email, work, including images, should be sent in duplicate with double spacing and wide margins. Author should include a brief biographical paragraph. Do not send high resolution images via email. You may send 72 dpi images via email. If accepted for publication we will request photographs and/or 300 dpi images.

On acceptance for publication, all articles, photos and/or illustrations become the property of Written Heritage, the publisher of WHISPERING WIND Magazine, unless prior arrangements are made. 

Payment: Authors whose work is accepted for publication receive a complimentary subscription to Whispering Wind from acceptance until one year post publication and six copies of the issue in which their manuscript appears. 

Include a self addressed, stamped envelope if you wish your materials returned. Submissions should be directed to the Editor, WHISPERING WIND Magazine, PO Box 1390, Folsom, LA 70437-1390. 

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