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Written Heritage, publisher of WHISPERING WIND, offers over 450 titles on American Indian topics along with books and over 60 DVDs. You can visit our  on-line store for sale specials as well as new DVDs, books and clothing patterns.

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Crafts Annual Series
Crafts Annuals 2,3,4,5Crafts Annual 4Crafts Annual 6Crafts Annual 7Crafts Annual 8
The Crafts Annual Series published by Written Heritage, Inc., features 4 to 6 "how-to" craft articles from out of print issues of Whispering Wind.
Crafts Annual #2 

Blackfeet Women's Clothing by Richard Conn 
Lazy Stitch Beadwork by Peter Bugelski 
A Grass Dance Harness (c.1880) by Richard Green 
Ermine Skin Drops by Scott Thompson 

48pp, 46 photos,  23 illus.   $7.00

Crafts Annual #3Crafts # 3
2nd Edition

Gourd Stitch.....by Richard Past 
A Simple Sioux Doll...... by Kathy Ellis Brewer 
Handtied Ladies Shawls 
by Jack & Darlene Heriard 

48pp, 41 b&w photos, 
35 color photos, 37 illus. $8.00

Crafts Annual #4 - 2nd Edition Crafts Annual 4

Cheyenne Ladies' Leggings (updatd)  by Mike Kostelnik 
The Bustle - 1885-1920 by Rick Hewitt 
Hair Drops by Scott Thompson
Fancy Dancer Rocker Spreader  by Sandy Rhoades 
An Early Assiniboin Headdress by Robert Testudine 
Tipi Bags by Bill & Kathy Brewer 

52pp, 6 color photos, 
67 illus., 37 b&w photos. $7.00

Crafts Annual #5 - 2nd Edition 

Jingle Dresses......by Jim & Maureen Johnston 
Moccasin Construction - 
Dusters, Southern Plains......by Joe Hays 
Copper Bracelets......by Scott Thompson 
Osceola's Clothes......by Michael G. Johnson 

48pp, 59 illus, 36 b&w, 
22 color photos.   $7.00

Crafts Annual #6Crafts Annual 6 2nd Edition

Cheyenne Soft Cradle Covers by Richard Green 
Capotes by Steve Shawley 
Painted Rawhide Knife Sheath by Louis Garcia 
Pair of Sioux Leggings by Joe Hays 
Southern Cheyenne Women's Leggings by Mike Kostelnik 
Northwest Sewing Kit by Scott Thompson 

52pp, 20 b&w photos, 
13 color photos, 67 illus. $8.00

Crafts Annual # 7Crafts Annual 7 

Heddle Loom Beadwork......by John Lotter 
Construction of an 1870 Crow Dress......by Janice & Gordon Collins 
Quirts & Whips......by Scott Thompson 
Society Whips and Quirts......by John Smith 
Cheyenne Bow Case & Quiver, c. 1880......by Mike Kostelnik 
Small Decorated Bags......by Mike Parkins & Scott Thompson 
Blackfeet Bonnet .....by Michael G. Johnson 
A Kiowa Backrest ........by Joe S. Hays 
Beaded Belt Pouches ..... by Scott Thompson 
The Snow Snake Game .... by Bruce Wilde & Sumner Heman 

52pp, profusely illustrated in color & b&w           $7.00

Crafts Annual 8Crafts Annual # 8
19th Century Cheyenne Cradle Boards by Mike Kostelnik
Northern Plains Beaded Saddle & Sioux Style Saddle Blanket by Tim Monaghan
Iroquois Clothing by Don Wudarski, Illustrated by Jim Mewes
Rawhide Hats Written & Illustrated by Bob Brewer
Hand Drums by Scott Thompson
Beaded Hand-Jewelry by Pamela Piche Meyers
57 color photos, 63 b&w, 48 pages

CR8                Price: $8.00 - Buy Now!

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We stock over 450 book titles and over 60 videos on American Indian related topics; crafts, material culture, history, religion, dance, legends, children's books, women's studies, games, and more. 
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